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Focus Group Facilitation to Empower Girls

Girls helping other girls. This is the mission of Girl-powered Giving, an initiative started in 2012 by the Women’s Fund for Fox Valley Region. High school girls apply or are nominated to participate in the multi-day event, which pairs strategic grant making, volunteerism and design thinking to award $10,000 annually to nonprofits that help the girls’ peers. For more than a decade, Blue Door Consulting has provided focus group facilitation of the program’s decision-making circles.

The Results

The True Impact of Girl Power







A Force for Good 

The Women’s Fund for Fox Valley Region equips girls to advocate for causes that matter to them. Blue Door Consulting marketing facilitators use thought-provoking questions to guide meaningful conversations among groups. By sparking discussion about supports for and barriers to girls’ successes, participants hone in on key issues and pinpoint potential solutions. 

Advocating for a Better Future Together 

Building trust is a critical component for any focus group facilitation. Building trust among a group of teen girls who have never met before is even more so. Girls chosen for Girl-powered Giving often attend different schools. That’s why the focus group facilitation includes engaging introductions, peer learning activities and ground rules that set the stage for open conversations.  

Building Relationships to Share the Love 

Girl-powered Giving participants complete surveys following the experience. One near-universal takeaway: though many participants came from different backgrounds, they came together for powerful impact since they’ve had many of the same experiences. Their experience is a reminder of the value of putting customers at the core of any project and the power of design thinking research.  

Use Your Voice for Change

Need help with focus group facilitation for a design thinking project? Blue Door Consulting stands ready to listen and guide.

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