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Business growth to smile about

When industries mature, growth can be difficult to come by. Dental is no exception – unless you are Sawyer Creek Orthodontics. There, the team is using new technology to address unmet customer needs with its Confident Aligners brand. Developed in partnership with Blue Door Consulting, the Confident Aligners product – an alternative to mail-order options – is served with a trademark dose of customer care. The resulting growth is downright smile-inducing.

The Results

Dramatically improved SEO


increase in organic search impressions


increase in organic click-thrus


Confident Aligners uses technology to create scans of each patient’s mouth, allowing them to create beautiful smiles using 3D-printed technology.

That’s standard. This brand needed to tap into the pain point that traditional mail-order brands can’t address – the lack of assurance patients may have during the mail-order treatment process. Blue Door Consulting turned that pain point into a brand position that differentiates Sawyer Creek Orthodontics’ offering and appeals to new markets.

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With customer care at the core of the brand, the name, brand architecture and “Your smile. Your way.” tagline were born. A microsite, video and organic and paid campaigns were designed to help create (ahem!) word of mouth.

Say goodbye to blah-blah-blah

When you need to create a brand that speaks to customers, we’re here to help.

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