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Web App Development

Web App Development

Interactivity no matter the browser

You’ve heard of Gmail®, Dropbox® and maybe even WordPress®, but were you aware these aren’t technically websites? They are Web applications and they represent a type of online interactivity that works no matter the Internet browser and can be used offline. In fact, Web applications are online everywhere and easily overlooked because there is often a seamless transition between a website and a Web application. But they do serve very useful purposes and may be a great solution for your business and its customers.

Compete with Web app development

Eighty-nine percent of business leaders say customer experience is the basis for a competitive edge. [1] Thoughtful and easy-to-use web applications can improve the customer experience. Imagine streamlining your online hiring process, enabling materials calculations or collecting satisfaction data—the nearly limitless possibilities through enhanced, online functionality can provide better solutions that meet your customers’ needs.

We’ve helped others and can help you, too, with web applications that:

  1. Collect, share or analyze data
  2. Streamline an internal process
  3. Simplify and make more accessible customer processes, including payment forms or employee applications
  4. Generate leads with online tools, like calculators
  5. Integrate two or more systems that need to talk, such as your website’s online application with an internal human resources management system

Web apps designed for you

Like everything we do at Blue Door Consulting, our process begins by understanding what your customers want and how it should be delivered. We conduct market research to determine your customers’ offline behavior and how they could accomplish those tasks through a streamlined, Web-based interface. In addition to our findings, when developing a Web application we take the following into account:

Data analytics or reporting needs from the application

Database development or integration with other third-party databases

Improved user experience and interface design to increase conversions

We design and develop Web apps using CSS, HTML, SQL and MySQL. We also provide user testing services and conduct a multitude of browser and functionality testing. Then comes the exciting part—we launch your new Web application to the delight of current and prospective customers and employees. And, we stick around to help you measure the results.

If your website is not yet a one-stop-shop, you may be disappointing—or worse yet—turning away valued customers. Contact us to learn how you can make your website a better user experience with Web app development for those who matter most to your business.


From brand strategy to implementation (logo design and brand messaging), brand experience design and brand management—our comprehensive brand discovery process is designed to get at what you, your prospects and your customers think and feel about your brand. And we do this through a process that engages and pulls from the expertise of those who know your brand best—your customers and employees—and then compares that to the positioning of your competitors and your industry.


Design Description  + Design Image


Through our collaborative process, we brainstorm and conceptualize brand concepts and messages that look and feel like you. We develop mood boards to help create the visual look and feel, create concepts for brand identity and messages and collaborate with your team to refine these concepts to fit your organization. We’ll develop marketing collateral that does more than set you apart from your competitors. It gets you noticed and fuels your growth.


Test Description + Test Logo


Now this is the fun part! To bring your new brand to life, we can help you plan an internal and external brand launch. Internally, we’ll focus on training to turn your team members into brand ambassadors. We’ll create brand standards and templates that make it easy for your team to adopt the new brand. Externally, we’ll help you introduce your customers and prospects to your brand with online and offline marketing and sales messages that help you stand out.

[1] Accenture Business Technology Trends Report

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Learn how you can make your website a better user experience with Web app development for those who matter most to your business.

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