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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Convenience at your customers’ fingertips

By design, mobile apps are convenient, fast and cater to customers’ needs. These reasons certainly help explain the rise in app development, but not all. Smartphone and mobile device technology, such as iPads® or Fitbits®, have laid the foundation for the app explosion.

At Blue Door Consulting, we remain committed to monitoring this rapidly shifting mobile landscape. And, we can help you remain relevant by developing and deploying a strategy and mobile app that engages your customers and drives bottom-line sales.

268 Billion

Mobile app downloads expected by 2017
Small Biz Genius

30 minutes

How much time people are expected to engage with them.
Harvard Business Review

The strategy and purpose behind mobile apps

Just because you build it, a mobile app doesn’t mean they will come. Yes, this is counterintuitive to Costner’s “Field of Dreams,” but even if you are hearing a voice tell you to build and design an app, that doesn’t mean you should. Nor does it mean you will get it right if you haven’t done the due diligence your target audiences require.

Here’s why: There are roughly 1.6 million apps available through Google Play® and 1.5 through Apple’s App Store®. [5] Not only is the competition fierce due to the sheer number of players in the marketplace, but the majority of users’ time—84 percent—is spent engaging with just five non-native apps they’ve installed from the App Store. [6]

This means that while the opportunities are immense, the need for a knowledgeable partner to help strategize, develop and launch an app your customers’ will download and use is critical to win the game.

Mobile app development to fit your need

Think you need to find that right partner? We specialize in:

  • Mobile app strategy
  • Mobile app design
  • Mobile app development for iOS® and Android®
  • Mobile app publishing for iOS and Android
  • Mobile app analytics

Mobile app development starts with data

When you task us with mobile app development and design, we’re going to be your partner, working in collaboration with you, your team and your customers. The app’s functionality and design won’t be based on what we think it should be—it’ll be developed based on the data we collect:

  1. We’ll ask your customers about their needs. What do they want in a mobile app? How can we make their life easier? The same holds true for apps developed for your team or distributors.
  2. Then, we use data and Web search analytics to make design and development decisions on content and features.
  3. We’ll design it with humans (not machines) in mind. No, you’re app won’t be once and done. We design apps that offer the ultimate in UX (that’s short for user experience), so it’ll be used again and again.
  4. Before it goes live, we’ll test your mobile app to ensure it’s ready for publishing.
  5. Then, we stick with you to measure downloads, usage and favored features.
  6. Based on that measurement and your business needs, we will be there to development app enhancements and updates.

If you’re ready for mobile app that is what your customers want and need, call us! We’re ready to take a swipe at your project!

Mobile app development

Our mobile app development team has helped businesses gain a competitive advantage with mobile apps, including these examples:

Product app

We’ve designed a product app for field sales people, eliminating the need for old-fashioned paper catalogs. The sales team especially appreciates the convenient, real-time product updates!

digital magazine

We created a digital magazine app for a client who wanted to share ideas—in a fun, readable format—on how to use its products.

mobile budgeting

A local manufacturer is now able to help customers budget with a mobile app that provides product specifications and a calculator.