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Create an Easy Employment Application Process

Over the last two years, Baby Boomers retired at an unprecedented pace. Last year alone, 1 in 4 people quit their jobs. By August, there were 1 million more job openings than people looking.

Trying to find qualified applicants can feel like an uphill battle. Part of the solution might surprise you: Offering an easy application process.

In our latest one-minute marketing video, we share three tips for building a simple application process. Press play below or view “Create an Easy Employment Application Process” to discover three ideas that will help drive more candidates to complete applications.

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More than two-thirds of businesses are struggling to find staff.

And if you’re one of those businesses, you might be surprised to learn that your application process could be part of the problem.

Here are three tips that will drive more candidates to apply.

Tip number 1: Make your job application mobile-friendly.

Just last year, mobile applications rose more than 22%.

Easy to read, minimal scrolling and direct navigation allow job seekers to easily apply.

Engage them via text message to connect with open positions anywhere, anytime.

Tip number 2: Shorten your application.

Eighty percent of applicants aren’t interested in spending more than 10 minutes on a job application.

Simplify by prioritizing and limiting questions. One-click-to-apply captures more candidates than a multi-page application.  

Tip number 3: Be accessible.

Make sure your website and application process are accessible for people with disabilities.

Allow mouseless navigation, consider color contrast and include labeled forms.

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