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3 Benefits of Using Reddit for Business

Social platforms like Facebook®, YouTube® and Tumblr®  get a lot of marketers’ attention. But did you know Reddit® has 430 million monthly active users? If you’re not already taking advantage, now might be the time to start using Reddit for your business.

In our latest one-minute marketing video, we share three ways you can use Reddit to improve your business.

Press play below to view “Benefits of Using Reddit for Business” to discover what you’ve been missing.

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If social media makes you think Facebook® and LinkedIn®, you may be overlooking Reddit®.

This social channel is unique, and sorted by topic, not people.

Reddit and it’s assortment of conversations is the 7th most-visited site in the U.S.

Here are the top benefits of using Reddit for business.  

Number 1: Get insights into your target audience. Reddit is filled with thousands of niche forums.

Think of it as a no-holds-barred focus group. Xbox One™ checks in on Reddit forums on a regular basis.

Number 2: Encourage user-generated-content. New Belgium Brewing® asked followers to create photoshop images they could use on other social media channels.

Number 3: Give and receive real-time information to your audience.

Once you’ve spent time listening to your customers, you’ll be able to answer forum questions and provide high-visibility customer service.

Fashion retailer Nordstrom® created their own subreddit, where they’re able to listen to customers and answer questions.

Beware, Reddit users flag salesy content. So be authentic about your efforts.

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