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Benefits of Personalized Marketing Are Pivotal for Brands

With personalization in marketing, you have the opportunity to dramatically elevate your customers’ experiences. 

How big an impact can personalization make? Our latest one-minute marketing video shares the benefits of personalized marketing and how your brand can win with personalization. 

Click play below to watch “Benefits of Personalized Marketing.”

To learn how you can use data you already have to personalize your customers’ experiences, give us a call. We’d love to help. 


Personalized marketing uses data to provide the right message to the right person at the right time.  

Today, personalization goes well beyond addressing a customer by their first name. From personalized website content to product recommendations based upon individual search, the opportunities are endless.  

Personalization in marketing can increase conversions and overall marketing effectiveness. Organizations investing in online personalization technology outsell their counterparts by about 30%, according to GartnerSM research. 

Start personalization by collecting data on your audiences and segmenting by behaviors and demographics. 

Then, help them continue on the buying journey by using marketing automation tools to share content that answers the questions they have right now.  

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