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3 Marketing Trends for 2020

A new year means new marketing opportunities! 

In this one-minute video, we’ll share three trending marketing topics for 2020 that will help your brand welcome what’s next in the new year. Press play below or watch the video on our website.  

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The Blue Door Consulting Team 


A new year is the perfect time to welcome a new opportunity for your brand. Let’s take a minute to look at three trending marketing topics for 2020. 

Number one. Shoppable posts. Your company may already have a social media presence, but are you using it to sell your products? By making your posts shoppable, you can reach customers quickly while shortening the sales process. 

Number two. Personalized marketing. Demographic data, location, interests and purchase history can all be used to deliver targeted messaging. Seventy-nine percent of customers stated that they felt frustrated if the content they’re viewing isn’t tailored to them. So, it’s time to get personal.  

Number three. Transparency. Being transparent with your customers helps earn and build their trust. In a world full of options, being open and honest is what humanizes your brand and builds lasting relationships. 

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