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Job Posting Tips

Have recruiting challenges? These tips can help!

If you find recruiting a challenge, you aren’t alone.

In this one-minute video, we’ll give you three quick job posting tips that will help you optimize job postings and find your next great employee. Press play below.

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The Blue Door Consulting Team


Do you consider recruiting to be one of your biggest challenges? You’re not alone. Unemployment hasn’t been this low in 50 years.

In this marketing minute, we’ll share three quick tips that can help you optimize your job postings.

Tip Number 1: Cross-reference your job titles with Google keywords. The job title “programming ninja” might sound like a lot of fun, but people looking for a job as a full stack developer aren’t likely to find it.

And don’t forget to put your location in your job description. It’s also a keyword that will help people find you.

Tip Number 2: Use multiple headers and short paragraphs to make your postings scannable and easy to read, especially on mobile devices, where 45 percent of job seekers look for work at least once daily.

Tip Number 3: Make sure you’re looking for job seekers where they’re looking for you … namely, social media.

Seventy-three percent of Millennials found their last position through a social media platform; plus it’s a great way to catch the attention of passive job seekers. So, in addition to job boards and your website, make sure you’re putting your postings on easily sharable platforms like Facebook®, Twitter® and LinkedIn®.

Looking for more marketing tactics to help you fill your job openings? Give us a call, we’d love to talk.

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