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2019 Marketing Trends

Welcome What’s Next with these Trending Marketing Topics

The new year is right around the corner, and we’d like to help you welcome what’s next! If you’re thinking fresh year, fresh start for marketing innovation, we’ve identified 3 marketing trends to watch for 2019. In this one-minute video, we’ll give you a sneak-peek and show you how to embrace them in 2019. Press play below.


We want to help you welcome what’s next in 2019. In the next minute, we’ll discuss three topics predicted to be the focus of the 2019 marketing trend conversation: Voice search, Snapchat® and actionable analytics.

With the increased use of software like Siri®, Cortana® and Alexa® voice search is a hot topic in search engine optimization. 55 percent of teens and 41 percent of adults use voice searchdaily. A quick pro-tip: to stay on top of this marketing trend, consider creating cornerstone landing pages that optimize for topics instead of keywords.

Likewise, we expect more brands to take a look at Snapchat in 2019. The fastest-growing user group on Snapchat right now is ages 25 to 34. If your target audience falls within that range, it’s time to get involved with Snapchat stories, content and ads.

What do analytics look like in 2019? You’ll see this marketing trend moving from data to actionable insights. While there are many platform options, Google® Data Studio is one that supports this kind of analysis and reporting.

We see great things on the horizon for 2019. Let us help you welcome what’s next. 

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