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Get Real with Brand Authenticity

Want to get real in 2019? Brand authenticity is the way to go. Consumers are more likely to choose authentic brands over ones that are less transparent. And when it comes to what’s important to your customers, authenticity takes the cake. If you’re looking for ways to provide customers, employees and vendors with a glimpse of your brand’s authentic self, this video is for you. Press play below.


Does your brand walk the talk?

Brand authenticity is a hot topic, and for good reason. As many as 63 percent of customers will choose an authentic brand over one that’s less transparent.

In this marketing minute, you’ll learn how your organization can convey its authentic self to employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders. Click here for video and full transcript.

When compared to brand popularity, appeal or product utility, 91 percent of consumers value honesty and transparency over anything else. Authentic brands build trusting relationships with their customers by always being true to their voice, their message and their values.

What brands have we seen doing this really well?

Dove’s® “Real Beauty” campaign is a perfect example – using real people in their marketing.

TOMS® shoes made headlines this month for living their brand authentically. Politics aside, they know who they are, and they aren’t afraid to let their customers know.

Southwest Airlines® is another. Who doesn’t love an honest, entertaining flight attendant giving safety instructions?

Getting real with your brand takes courage and trust. But research shows that rewards will follow. If you’re thinking about amp-ing up your brand’s authenticity, give us a shout. We’d love to talk.

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