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New WordPress editor explained in 60 seconds

If you upload or edit content on a WordPress site, you won’t want to miss this. WordPress is rolling out a new editor with its next update – WordPress 5.0 – a.k.a. Gutenberg. This new Gutenberg editor makes creating and editing easy. 

The update has not yet been released. It is set to roll out November 19, but sites won’t be automatically updated. Press play for a sneak peek on what to expect.


Have you heard the buzz? A big change is coming with the next WordPress 5.0 update. In the next minute, we’ll give you the skinny on WordPress’s new editor—Gutenberg.

What is Gutenberg? It’s the redesigned WordPress editor; aimed to be more user-friendly. Gutenberg simplifies the creating and editing process.

This new editor uses drag-and-drop content blocks instead of the single edit field you’re used to seeing. It better reflects what your content will look like on the front end, something that can be difficult to visualize with the current editor.

The Gutenberg editor is all about usability. If you upload and edit content on a WordPress site, this update will make it easier to visualize what you’re creating. But keep in mind, it may take a little time to adjust to the new layout. Don’t worry … you’ve got this! And we’re here to help walk through any questions you might have.

WordPress announced the update will happen on November 19. However, because this is an important and complex update, a back-up date has been set for January 22, 2019.

We’re excited for the new, creative possibilities and usability benefits that WordPress 5.0 will bring.

If you have questions about this update or need help with your web and digital marketing, give us a call. We’d love to talk.

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