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Meet Mark

Get to know Mark, full-stack developer, ready to meet your web development needs

Full-stack developer Mark Cyrulik is at the ready to take on your web development needs, whatever challenges they may bring to the forefront. It’s work he finds rewarding from start to finish.

‘I think the thing that I’m most proud of in the work that I’ve done here is that there have been so many sites that I’ve built or sites that I’ve been a part of that have actually made a difference in people’s lives, not just in the businesses but in people’s lives,’ Mark says. ‘It’s really rewarding to see that you’ve worked on a campaign and see it get nationally-recognized on the news, or in articles.

It seems Mark has always had an aptitude for questioning and understanding how things work. ‘As a kid growing up in Milwaukee, that meant that I would usually get in trouble for taking apart some tool or appliance. I still do that today-just with software,’ he explains.

His analytical skills, his insatiable hunger for learning and his adaptability make him a natural fit for tackling complex web development needs. But it’s certain moments at the grocery store that can really confound him. While being a full-stack developer brings him joy, don’t try to squeeze ahead of him in checkout with a full stack of groceries in the 10 items or less line-that’s a pet-peeve.

Get to know Mark and his penchant for tinkering with technology by clicking on the link above, and read more about his skills in web development as a full-stack developer in his bio.

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