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Meet Alyssa

 Get Personal with Alyssa, a Focused, Creative Graphic Designer

When it comes to being a graphic designer for Blue Door Consulting, Alyssa Riegert knows the high standards of work motivate her each and every day to become a better designer. Her organized and driven personality, combined with her creative spirit, make the challenges of being a graphic designer something she enjoys and thrives under.

‘I am one of those creative artistic types, but extremely disciplined,’ said Alyssa. ‘I guess that’s what drew me to graphic design as a profession-the constant flow of creativity and collaboration that a truly successful project craves, yet the only way to achieve the final product is to work within and around a multitude of design and computer rules, guidelines and processes.’

To find out more about Alyssa, her thoughts on collaboration and producing new ideas, and what TV show Blue Door Consulting would be, press play above. Then, click here to learn more about why she is passionate about her work as a graphic designer.

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