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Meet Sara

Get Personal with Sara, Our Web Analytics Consulting Guru

Do you want to track how new customers found your website? Are you trying to make the most of an online sale? Sara (without the H) Martin, our web analytics consulting expert, is just the person you need! With a passion for analytics and consumer behavior, Sara is a natural marketer.

‘One of my strengths is being an arranger,’ says Sara, ‘which means that I can try to hone in on all of the different moving parts and pull them together to succeed with both the clients and our team.’

Sara’s strong web analytics consulting skills are also driven by the fact that she loves the clarity the numbers provide, allowing for a clear picture of ROI for clients. Unlike many marketers out there, numbers are her jam. She thrives on carefully examining analytics reports to better her client’s marketing campaigns.

To learn more about Sara and her secret passion for Donkey Kong and Tetris, click here.



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