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Google Targeted Ads

Implement Google’s Marketing Strategy in Your Business

What Data Does Google Collect on Me?

Google® knows a lot of information about each and every one of us. Google is able to collect data on users who have a Google account, but also on those who do not. According to Google Privacy,the company collects information on your:

  • Activity
  • Things you make
  • Personal information

Your activity is tracked through your searches, websites visits, location history and deviceinformation. It tracks things you make through your email, calendar, contacts and other files you create while signed in through your Google account. Your personal information is collected through your name, email address, birthdate and additional data you offer to Google when creating an account.

How Does Google Use My Data?

The information Google collects is used to create Google targeted ads. Google tracks your AdProfile through your interestsfor example, if you often search sports teams, Google is likely to display ads related to your favorite sport or team. This information is used across devices, so asearch on your smartphone might relate back to an ad that is shown on your laptop. Google uses the data it collects to provide targeted advertisingin other words, it shows you ads tailored to your interests and needs. By doing this, Google is able to use its data collection as a service for providing targeted display advertising to customers. Users can also see the Ad Data that Google accesses on them.

How Can You Use This Practice In Your Own Business?

  • Take a page from Google marketing strategy and gather information on your customers to efficiently reach your target market. Make sure you first know the demographics of your target audience and use them to make the most of your advertising campaigns. Here are some demographics you may use for targeting:
  • Location: Use location to segment your target audience. People in your area are more likely to become loyal customers. Facebook® and Google display targeted advertising to potential customers within a certain radius.
  • Personal information: Collect information such as email address and use it to send out newsletters and offers to customers.
  • Gender: If your business is more successful with males than females, use this segment to target potential male customers directly.
  • Income: Use income to classify your target audience. For example, you are more likely to sell luxury items to consumers with higher incomes.

Personal data collection may seem creepy at first, but using collected data on customers is a popular practice for marketers in companies around the world.

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