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Content Creation through Content Curation: 6 Must-Try Discovery Tools

A content curation tool can help your organization find the best stuff for online sharing.

Content curation supports a content marketing strategy that builds relationships with customers and prospects while establishing your organization as a thought leader.

But, let’s be real-there’s a lot of junk out there when it comes to online sharing. Curating high-quality content is easier said than done.

Even if you didn’t produce a blog, video or meme, if you share it, it reflects your brand. That’s why it’s so important to discover hidden gems that align with your culture and the work you do.

Test Drive These 6 Content Curation Tools

Here are six content curators worth giving a bash:


The skinny: ContentGems lets you choose reputable sources that will catch the eye of your audience and then apply filters. You get a stream of highly relevant content that can be shared automatically.


The skinny: Nuzzel shows news from friends-and news from friends of friends-on Twitter® and Facebook®. Try subscribing to influencers’ newsletters for a deeper look at what their connections love on social media.


The skinny: BuzzSumo pulls together the most-shared content on the Interwebs and the influencers who are passing it around. Search for relevant content around keywords that matter to your organization.


The skinny: Feedly collects the latest news and blog posts in a handsome yet simple RSS feed. Categorize your feeds by topic to make scanning fresh content a breeze.

The skinny: helps you find content, collect it in a digital ‘newspaper’ and share it. Customize the look of your newsletter with your organization’s brand visuals, and tweet whenever there’s fresh stuff to check out.

Whether you produce the content in house or you’re sharing treasures from around the Web, your goal is the same: provide informative and delightful media that engages your ideal client partners. These tools (and many others) can help you get to the good stuff-and share the good stuff-at the speed of your business.

Over to you: What are your favorite content curators? How did you choose a content curation tool?

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